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Book Review: Twenty Years After the Massacre of the Pink Moon by Surinder Maan

Twenty Years After the Massacre of the Pink Moon
Author: Surinder Maan
Publisher: Self-published
Rating: 3/5

Life and Death are part and parcel of nature. While the former gives hope and the spiritual boost to conquer the earth, the latter often wrings out the optimism and love from the soul. Revolving around the loss of loved ones, the burning desire of revenge and the pretty dreams that love shows, Twenty Years After the Massacre of the Pink Moon is a story that will definitely touch your heart.

Laith is a young man who reminisces the memories of his dead mother and feels a hollow in his heart. Whether he longs for his mother or his heart desires something more is unknown to him. He loves his sister and also Esmeralda, who is his go-to person. Bound by the invisible walls of the society, the two protagonists suppress the urge to confess their feelings but readily agree to face the unknown dangers that lurk on the unprecedented path. Amidst loss, failure, death, guilt and will, Laith and Esmeralda eke out a path that leads them to discover self and more.

The story resonates with the partition of India when the British imperialists aimed to divide and rule, thereby spilling blood and causing collateral damage. People were hurt and left helpless. What I couldn’t understand was the relevance of the title. Even though ‘Pink Moon’ symbolizes birth and renewal, it didn’t quite seem fitting. Hence, I would love to know more about the title if the author could spare some time to comment on this post.

Overall, I liked how the plot was executed. With subtle twists and more emphasis on the emotional well-being of the characters, it was a different reading experience. What could have been worked on was the verbose narrative. It made the reading drab!

Best wishes to the author!

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