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Book Review: Two Reflections of My Heart by Bharath Raju

Two Reflections of My Heart
Author: Bharath Raju
Publisher: Articulate Writer Publishing
Rating: 2.5/ 5

Love, in any form, is found in unplanned circumstances. However much one tries to plan and then fall in love, it doesn’t work out that way. The nature of love is such that compromise and sacrifice become its sacred dogmas. Revolving around a similar concept is Aarav’s story. Two Reflections of My heart follows the love story of a young boy who doesn’t shy away from choosing friendship over love. The dilemma of choosing his friend, Ishaan, and giving up his love for Ishaan’s sake form the premise of the plot.

Simple yet impactful, this story is like every other romantic chick-flick that comprises of teen love and the aftermath of a breakup. The plot is unnew. The language is colloquial but that is understandable because that’s the lingo used by the millennials. However, the major drawback is the incomplete characterization of Anjali and the numerous grammatical errors that hinder the flow of reading. The author could have delved deeper into Anjali’s character to help readers associate/ connect with her.

At certain points, the conversation between the two friends, Aarav and Ishaan, becomes quite interesting. It is like a reminiscence of the past- when we all were younger and still in college. Overall, I wished that the book was edited properly. The rush to reach the climax spoiled the reading journey for sure.

Best wishes to the author!

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