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Book Review: Unearthed by Meghaa Gupta

Author: Meghaa Gupta
Publisher: Puffin Books

The purpose of reading History of any place is not only to get entertained but to understand how species have evolved over time. Books that present the readers with a confluence of information about the past should be treasured, for they help us learn from the mistakes that others made in the past and get inspired. ‘Unearthed’ is one such book that comprises detailed accounts of past discoveries and revolutions that brought about a significant change in the green revolution in India.

Unearthed is a comprehensive book that describes how the Indian Milk Revolution was brought into action, what impact global warming is having on the Taj Mahal, the conception and execution of the Green Revolution, the aftermath of nuclear testing and the distressing details about the Bhopal Gas Tragedy. This book should be included in the curriculum because the new generation needs to know about all these historic events that contributed and shaped present India. While some events will definitely make you proud, some will urge you to think and take a step to alter the course of history. The language is simple and the chapters are backed by beautiful illustrations. Since I received an ecopy, I can only wonder how beautiful the hardcopy would be!

Overall, Unearthed is a marvellous book by Puffin Books that should be read not only by children but also by all adults.

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