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Book Review: Bhavishya Mein Business Karne Ke Success Mantra by Ram Charan

Bhavishya Mein Business Karne Ke Success Mantra
Author: Ram Charan
Publisher: Prabhat Prakashan
Rating: 2.5/5

Being your own boss is the best job in the world. But to fit into the world where everything that you do has measured consequences is quite difficult. Those who already have a family business, guidance comes free and mostly unsolicited. But for those who are planning to begin their own business, there are several things/ factors that need to be taken care of. Bhavishya Mein Business Karne Ke Success Mantra is a handbook that guides the readers through the entire process of preparing mentally, financially and practically for setting up a business.

Loaded with a lot of case studies, the book offers a comprehensive insight into the decision-making practices of several blue-chip companies. However, it doesn’t come with strategies nor solutions to combat the modern-day problems. The book might suit the likes of beginners who need that dose of motivation and encouragement. If you are looking for something more than a mere beginner’s guide, this book is not for you. The biggest plus point of this book is its language (Hindi) as it caters to a larger audience.

Overall, the business mantra can be learnt by learning from other’s mistakes and experiencing life first-hand. Even though this book shares information about some of the most successful companies, it falters in terms of providing tips and tricks. Hence, pick at your own will!

Best wishes to the author!

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