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Book Review: Unlocking the Universe by Stephan & Lucy Hawking

Unlocking the Universe
Author (s): Stephen Hawking & Lucy Hawking
Publisher: Puffin Publishers

I am so fortunate to have been coming across books that are not only informative but also easy to understand. When we were taught about the basic terminologies of Physical Cosmology in school, not all of us could understand the technicalities associated with Physics and Astrophysics at that time. Thankfully, ‘Unlocking the Universe’ is the book that unlocks all the doors to understanding the universe by referring and reading information that has been collated in one single volume.

Unlocking the Universe explores the concepts of Big Bang Theory, the Theory of Relativity, Schrodinger’s Principle, Black Hole, the Drake Equation and a lot of other theories and principles that make the science of space accessible to the layman readers. That is not all. The book has a mix of black and white illustrations and colourful images as captured by the original sources. The font is so comfortable to read that one can relish at his/her own pace.

This book also contains the articles by newer and younger scientists about how the future seems to be. Based on the actions and efforts that mankind is making, scientists from all over the world have expressed their views in order to make the readers aware of what is happening around them.

Unlocking the Universe might be targetted at a younger audience, but it wouldn’t be wrong to admit that even adults will find pleasure in reading this book.

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