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Book Review: Warming Fumes by Saurabh Pant

Warming Fumes
Author: Saurabh Pant
Rating: 3/5

These are trying times. Nature is expressing its anger in different forms. While mankind is taking forever to understand the consequences of the actions, Nature is doing its job of reclaiming its rightful position. Amidst these circumstances, ‘Warming Fumes‘ might actually be a clarion call for the human race. The nature poems reek of agony and angst. Each poem targets a specific area like the Arctic or the forests and describes the harm being done to the mute witness by the humans.

There is no specific rhyme scheme but the poet makes sure to use allegory and symbolism to highlight the link between greed, need, ambition and ignorance. Each section of the book has a prelude to introduce the readers to the topic and that also aims to establish the connectivity between the segments. While some poems are heart wrenching and honest, some are quite difficult to interpret. The beauty of poetry lies in deciphering the mind frame of the poet but if the theme of the poem is ambiguous, the tedious task of unwinding the thoughts behind the piece goes for a toss.

I found the entire collection resemble a poetic ballad (on the whole) as each part is related and a story is been put before us in the form of verses. The language is simple. But I still wish for better clarity of certain poems. The cover is blank yellow and that doesn’t appeal to the eyes.

Best wishes to the poet.

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