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#Review: Vikram Aditya Adventure Series by Deepak Dalal

Vikram Aditya Adventure Series
Deepak Dalal

These two books are the last two instalments of the Vikram Aditya Series. The first one, The Jarawa, is set in the north and west parts of Port Blair. Characterized by scintillating waters and lush greenery all around, this uninhabited island invites Vikram and Aditya on an adventure of a lifetime. When the dense jungles do their magic and spread a mist of apprehension, it’s on Vikram Aditya and their new friend, Chitra, to either succumb before the demanding nature or use their wit to come out alive. Incorporating nail-biting adventure, stunning visuals through strong diction and well-crafted characters, this book will leave you with a strong impulse to pick up the next one.

In The Andaman Adventure, Vikram, Aditya and Chitra seem quite relaxed after their near-death encounter with the cunning smugglers. Safeguarding Vikram is their primal objective but they lower their guard too soon, for fate signals Vikram to trace back his captors. What’s at stake? Their life, of course. Because Barren Island is where they think all clues link.

I have read The Ranthambore Adventure before and even then, I was impressed by the rich descriptions that laced a fast narrative. I really liked how the plot and the characters provide those genuine moments of nostalgia by transporting you to the world of Enid Blyton and The Hardy Boys.

All in all, this series is a must-read for young adventure lovers!

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