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#Review: Visual Dictionaries

Visual Dictionaries
Publisher: Penguinsters

This set of three (I got only two) visually appealing board books for young children is an imperative possession, for it has beautifully illustrated images. One is a visual dictionary comprising different animals and the other one is that of ‘my body’. Both the books have bright colours and well-labelled diagrams that neatly point to the concerned object. While the animal dictionary will help the children understand how animals are classified into different classes based on their habitat and other functions, the dictionary ‘My Body’ will help them identify body parts of not only humans but animals and birds too. These books are accompanied by puzzles and ‘find the listed’ activities that will hold the children’s attention for a longer duration. This set is highly recommended for young kids between 6 months and 2 years.

Awaiting more such books!

Buy these here: Amazon (Animals) | Amazon (My Body)

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