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Book Review: Vitamin H by Abhishek Thakkar

Vitamin H
Author: Abhishek Deepa Thakkar
Publisher: Self-published
Rating: 3/5

Vitamin H is a short read that consists of doses of optimism, hope and joy. It is a collection of quotes, one-liners, messages, suggestions and what not! Deriving learning from his experiences, the author has carefully selected and compiled a list that can be read on a daily basis. The aim of this book is to help the readers be grateful for what life has offered them and appreciate all that they have. It will also enable the readers to look out for the silver lining in the grey cloud.

Some of the one-liners that touched my heart include:
We have been looking for someone to save us. Maybe, we are the ones we have been looking for.
Life may be tough but you are tougher.
If you have an imagination of a poet and the heart of a warrior, all your dreams can come true.
Exercise patience and the muscles of your endurance will increase in size.

The quotes follow a central theme of self-love and building self-respect. Thus, the book definitely works as an important supplement of Vitamin H. Some of the quotes are so relatable that you will find yourself reading them again. Overall, Vitamin H is a short read that can be given a try.

Best wishes to the author!

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