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Book Review: Friends Behind Walls by Harshikaa Udasi

Friends Behind Walls
Harshikaa Udasi
Puffin Books

Children are more intelligent than we think them to be. With their pure heart and non-judgemental mind, they question what is wrong and approve what seems right. One thing that they often question is the behaviour of the adults. Whether it is their parents, elder siblings or neighbours, children often fail to understand the erratic behaviour and the sudden burst of their volcanic anger! Based on this concept is the short story ‘Friends Behind Walls’. While both Inu and Putti are innocent and naive, they are intelligent enough to reach to the bottom of the problem and find a solution.

Inu and Putti are two strangers who become friends when Putti’s parents decide to take him to Deodali for his summer break. Even though his parents carefully instruct him not to talk to the neighbours, poor Putti cannot help but befriend Inu as there are no other kids in that place. When the kids cannot take their parents’ erratic behaviour anymore, they decide to embark on an adventure to uncover the real reason behind the cold war. What ensues is a funny yet thrilling journey.

This book is very well-written. The author uses difficult words and then makes sure to weave the meanings into the narrative. The expressions and use of onomatopoeia are fabulous. It is a short read (obviously, for adults) but the children are going to enjoy this a lot!

Kudos to the author and the illustrator!

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