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Book Review: Weight Loss Ke 101 Tips (Hindi Edition) by Dr Anil Chaturvedi

Weight Loss Ke 101 Tips (Hindi Edition)
Author: Dr Anil Chaturvedi
Publisher: Prabhat Prakashan
Rating: 3.5/5

Obesity is one of the most common diseases that is not only complex but also quite difficult to cure unless one is willing to put the effort. There are so many books in the market that touch upon the topic of controlling weight for the overall well being. Hence, this book is no different. What I liked about this book is that it has a Hindi edition too which will cater to larger masses. Weight Loss Ke 101 Tips (Hindi Edition) begins with a disclaimer that before adopting any new strategies, readers should consult a doctor as not every method will work on every body type. Following this, the author begins by explaining how the body functions and how food plays a major role in increasing the layer of fat as well as helps the body with the necessary energy.

Weight Loss Ke 101 Tips (Hindi Edition) is a treasure trove of 101 ways to lose ways but if you are thinking that this book is going to share some hacks/ shortcuts to achieve the desired weight, then you are wrong, for no book can help you lose weight if you are not determined and persistent enough. The author, who is a doctor, deftly brings out the importance of understanding the function of different foods and also helps the readers understand the role of metabolism in obesity. Each chapter is a tip in itself. Some very common strategies include the inclusion of protein-rich food in the diet, taking walks in the morning, beginning aerobics, utilizing fasting in the right way, keeping a calorie count and journaling your food habits. These tips are common, no doubt. Therefore, the contents of this book are like the old wine being presented in a new bottle. But you never know if this is the book that will inspire you to start working towards your transformation!

Overall, I didn’t find anything new in this book. In fact, it is similar on so many fronts to other self-help books that I have read lately. Therefore, feel free to try this out as it passes the muster easily.

Best wishes to the author!

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