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Book Review: When Life Cartwheels by Raj Supe

When Life Cartwheels
Author: Raj Supe
Publisher: Platinum Press (Leadstart Publishers)
Rating: 3.5/5

Love is the fiercest of emotions that can overcome any fear- an emotion that can melt glaciers and break the holiest vows. It doesn’t discriminate based on gender, race, caste or religion. An integral part of everyone’s life, love can change the course of one’s destiny and mould the personality of the person as well. With that said, it would be wise to say that ‘When Life Cartwheels’ is based on similar lines.

Inspired by the true events that took place in the life of a great scholar and poet, Jayadeva, this story is about how love is the supreme power. When Shaman finds solace in his spiritual calling, life seems to turn topsy-turvy, for his heart refuses to comply. With the heart and the mind in conflict, Shaman finds it difficult to balance both.

Unfolding the secrets of the labyrinthine life, ‘When Life Cartwheels’ will take the readers on a roller coaster ride of fluctuating emotions and paradoxical decisions. Simple narrative but thought-provoking lessons do their magic.

Overall, When Life Cartwheels is a good read but at the same time, the narrative becomes boring at times due to unnecessary details provided. There are minute grammatical errors (specifically in punctuation).

Best wishes to the author!

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