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#Review? Who’s Afraid of Z? Not Me! by Lubaina Bandukwala

Who's Afraid of Z, Not Me
Author: Lubaina Bandukwala
Illustrator: Allen Shaw
Publisher: After School Tales (Harper Collins Children’s Books)

How many times have we ever considered thinking of words beginning with Z? Hardly ever! Who’s Afraid of Z, Not Me is a funny and quick story about the misplaced and ignored letter Z. It’s amazing how children are so unbiased yet so observant. This story has one such child who understands the plight of the letter Z- ignored, considered futile and disrespected. She urges her mother to get the letter on the keyboard repaired because Z shares its situation and sorrow with her.

Amazingly illustrated and loaded with rhyming couplets, this story is fun and easy to read. Children are going to enjoy it. Even my little one, who cannot read yet, enjoyed looking at the pictures.

An interesting book! Go for it!

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