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#Review: Romance with Breath by Sumitra Kumar

Romance with Breath
Author: Sumitra Kumar
Publisher: Adisakrit Publishing Services
Rating: 4/5

The intellect, silent and resilient,
Knows well that life is transient;
A universal possession prized
Yet under-utilized.

-Romance with breath-

Such a beautiful way to sum up life, isn’t it? Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Romance with Breath is, quite literally, romance with life. Observing everyday nuances and writing about them in lyrical form is not everyone’s cup of tea. But this book aces it! Sumitra’s romantic relationship with life, her optimistic perspective towards the littlest happenings that can give enough joy and her expression of gratitude for being alive are some of the key themes in this poetry collection that stem from the heart.

It is a well-known fact that context explanation disambiguates the word senses. Hence, each poem is backed by a small write-up that explains the happenstance of the conception of the piece. Hence, it’s easier to follow what the poet tries to convey. Using enough poetic devices, majorly apostrophes and metaphors, the verses capture the feelings well. One of the best poems that stands out is The Ever-whispering Teacher because it brings out the essence of breath that is one permanent companion. Even when the shadows leave our side, our breath sticks with us till death do us part. There’s another poem that struck the right chord with me- It’s Okay. It reminds the readers to remain calm and composed even when everyone around is competing with each other. It reminds us of the little joys that never leave our nest yet we ignore them owing to our own troubles. It reminds us to be grateful, kind and empathetic, for these virtues help in the long run.

I appreciate the wordplay of the poet. In one of the poems, she calls our conscience a stage. She says that we are all actors in our story. ‘The shooting began when we were born, the film is released just after we are gone.’ She questions the mindset which decides whether or not we are flawed. She wonders how the ugliest bird can contribute so much to the ecosystem! She revels in the beauty of nature and appreciates the human spirit that can propel us to thrive through a pandemic as well. All thoughts are beautiful. And words you might ask? Simple and exuberant! What I didn’t like about this book is the assorted collection. The jump from one theme/ thought to another is haphazard. That disturbed me and also prevented me from reflecting upon what I had just read.

Overall, I’m glad I got a chance to read this collection, for poetry is never ready. Once the words find a medium to reach others, they do so. Like they did through this book. A beautiful collection of musings that are relatable and worth reflecting upon!

Best wishes to the poet!
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