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Book Review: Wild Symphony by Dan Brown

Wild Symphony
Dan Brown
Puffin Books

Known for his prowess as an author whose words can send a chill down your spine, Dan Brown’s endeavour to come up with a children’s book is praiseworthy. Carefully thought and organized, Wild Symphony is all about music and harmony. Blending a thousand musical notes together, Brown manages to add rhyme and juxtapose two ideas together is such an easy manner.

This book comes along with a code that can give access to the listening experience as well. From what I could make out, Brown emphasizes on co-existing and producing music that is mellifluous. Using different animals as the props, he illustrates how beautiful each one of us is. All we need to do is listen patiently and acknowledge the talents of others. Then, even the minutest thing can be seen having a conversation with nature. The strength lies in unity and the beauty of the world can be experienced with even the wild becomes a part of our being.

Wild Symphony seems like an easy composition but the music adds weightage to its overall impact. The poems are quite simple and the illustrations will just blow your mind. This book is well suited for reading to your children at bedtime. Go for it!

Best wishes to the author!

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