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Book Review: The Incredible History of the Indian Ocean by Sanjeev Sanyal

The Incredible History of the Indian Ocean
Author: Sanjeev Sanyal
Publisher: Puffin Books

Sanjeev Sanyal’s The Incredible History of India’s Geography was quite a blockbuster amongst the young readers owing to its easy narrative and organized layout of information. It had illustrations and that added to the overall impact. His second book ‘The Incredible History of the Indian Ocean’ doesn’t disappoint either. It is an adaptation of The Ocean of Churn and it houses so much information about the History, purpose, evolution and present-day scenario of one of the biggest water bodies.

The Incredible History of the Indian Ocean is a comprehensive guide that explores the discovery of the Indian Ocean, its role in the trade between India and the Middle East, the invasion by several rulers, expansion of trade and international contacts over the years. The language is simple and the beautiful illustrations act as icing on the cake. Overall, the book will definitely be liked by the young and curious readers who are always keen on knowing more about different aspects of Geography and Science.

Best wishes to the author!

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