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Book Review: Writing is Fun by Jeanne Perrett

Writing is Fun
Author: Jeanne Perrett
Publisher: Penguin Publishers
Rating: 3/5

‘The purpose of a writer is to keep civilization from destroying itself.’
~Albert Camus

When it comes to writing, a writer faces more difficulty in composing a piece than a normal individual. We call this hurdle as ‘writer’s block’ and there is no cure for it. To avoid such circumstances, the writers look for books or documents that provide them with writing prompts so that guided writing can be initiated. ‘Writing is Fun’ is one such self-help book that aims to help young writers prepare the blueprint of their writing and then ace the test.

Writing is Fun’ tries to cover a variety of topics like story writing, making a comic strip with dialogues, writing an advertisement, writing a diary, composing a poem, writing a song, etc. All of these are an essential component to writing. However, I did not find the instructions handy. Being a teacher, when I guide my students in creative writing, I share sample writing with them and give them enough vocabulary. Not just that, I teach the correct usage of new words, idioms and phrases too. They also prepare a vocabulary chart of their own. I find these options really good. This book lacks writing prompts. Though one-liners are present, they are not sufficient to prod the creative side of the students. There are short grammar exercises that might come in handy. However, the idea of merging syntax learning with creative writing is not so enticing. Learning the syntax of the language is a different ball game altogether.

Nevertheless, the book is quite interactive as it requires the students to think and answer. The level of learning is still unclear. It might be used for a younger age group. I wish there was a vocabulary chart for every topic- new words related to the topic that could have been used as a reference.

Every self-help book has something in store for us. Overall, the guided blanks in the book can be used as a staircase to become better.

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