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Book Review: You Tell Me by Sonia Chauhan

You Tell Me
Author: Sonia Chauhan
Publisher: Kalamos Literary Services
Rating: 4/5

This 60-page long book delivered much more than I expected. You Tell Me is a contemporary romance that deceives the readers into believing in a cliched climax but digresses from the expected path the moment the readers begin forming opinions of their own. Such an impressive literary feat!

You Tell Me revolves around the ambiguous meeting between Nishaat and Madhav, two individuals who seem so much in love yet are married to other people. The short story explores the confusion and hesitation that accompany love. While both the protagonists are attracted towards the prospect of marrying each other because they gel very well, their hearts yearn for different things. Madhav’s problem is that ‘he’s always happy’ and this happiness prevents him from taking a leap of faith. Nishaat, on the other hand, plays the gooseberry in Madhav’s otherwise perfect love story. Consequently, she takes a step back and when she doesn’t see Madhav having any problem with her move, she decides to move on too.

The plot is straightforward and quite simple. What is impressive is the art of expressing so much in fewer words. Rich vocabulary, flawless grammar and fluid narrative form the scaffold of this short book and these qualities just won my heart. What missed a mark was Nishaat’s decision. It was unpremeditated, yes. Probably, a bit of foreshadowing could have helped. But I leave it to the author’s discretion.

Overall, You Tell Me is a breezy read that might leave your heart happy and satiated.

Best wishes to the author!

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