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Book Review: Meghna by Devika Das

Author: Devika Das
Publisher: Blue Rose Publishers
Rating: 3/5

Meghna is an interesting take on the lives of creators and entertainers who spend a significant number of years behind the camera. Their truth lies behind the facade of glam and show. Seldom do commonfolk get a chance to empathize or even sympathize with celebrities who spend most of their time wearing a mask that they own. Meghna focuses on the life of an actress, Meghna, who gave 30 precious years of her life to theatre and delivered some of the best performances.

Paddling through the troublesome waters, Meghna’s life is brought into light when a journalist decides to interview her and bring out her share of joys and sorrows before the world. Written with fluid narration, Meghna is an absolute pleasure to read in Hindi. The only problem I faced was the font size that’s there in the digital print. It’s way too small. The character of Meghna resonates with so many celebrities out there who have dared to spill the beans and share their story.

The story is intriguing but it’s not new. The anticipation is not built because one knows what’s in store for Meghna. Yes, it does evoke sadness and sympathy but these emotions do not last long. Overall, Meghna is a quick read with delightful characters and a strong narrative that promises to keep you entertained.

Best wishes to the author!

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