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Episode 4- Mandargiri Jain Temple (Karnataka)

Picking up from where we left last, this episode will unravel a location (a temple to be precise) that hasn’t come into the notice of the majority of the travellers. Shaped like a peacock feather, this temple is a pilgrim centre for the Jains. Mandargiri Jain Temple, also called as Basadi Betta, is located 60 km ahead of Bengaluru. Just adjacent to the temple is a small hillock (Mandargiri Hill) that offers a short trek route to the top. One can climb a flight of approximately 500 steps and then treat the eyes with four ancient temples- 2 built in the 12th century and 2 built in the 14th century. A small pond acts like a cherry on the cake.

Another attraction here is the tall Chandranatha Thirthankara statue. The Pinchi-shaped Gurumandir is the main centre of attraction here because of its shape and bright colours. The place is quite isolated and does not witness many visitors on a hot summer afternoon.


Chandranatha Thirthankara
Mandargiri Hill

How to Reach:

This place lies on the way to Vani Vilas Sagar Dam and thus, we explored this area on our return. But here is how you can reach this beautiful temple from Bangalore.

Rajajinagar – NH 48 – Dabaspete – Kyathsandra – Mandargiri (62 km – 1 h 45 min)

Best Time to Reach: Early Morning (after sunrise) is the best time to check out this place so that the body has enough fuel to help you climb a flight of 500 odd steps.

This place is open all around the year.

Dos and Don’ts
• If travelling by car, try to follow the Google map as it will lead you to the main entrance of the temple. Google Map can be trusted in this case.
• Carry enough water as there are no shops that provide the same. When we went, we found one Sugarcane juice vendor near the main gate of the temple. Lucky!
• Do not pay money to anyone for parking or as an entry fee because the temple invites free entry.
• Wear comfortable clothes. Avoid heels.
• There are no breakfast options in the close vicinity. However, you can find plenty of dhabas and hotels on the way to curb your hunger.
• Petrol pumps are very much there on the highway.

We suggest that you plan a trip to this place with your friends or family because not many people come here. It will give you a pleasant chance to bond well with others. Click creative pictures and enjoy the beauty of this temple that offers a flavour of Jainism.

That’s all, folks! So, to put it all together- we covered three places in one day (Sunday). The trip was fun as our friends were there by our side.

Till the next time, Happy Travelling!

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