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A Heart-warming Flick: Kuch Bheege Alfaaz

The fast-paced life has definitely impacted the cinema as well. The fleeting emotions, transitions in love and the exaggerated depiction of intimacy have all become a part and parcel of our entertainment. Once in a while, when we are lucky, we do come across a love story that is subtle, pure and filled with innocence. I know that not everybody enjoys that yet the ones who do, remain forever thankful to the directors. A few examples of such good films are Jhoota Hi Sahi, Notebook, Yahaan, Tum Bin, Tum bin 2, Socha Na Tha, Kareeb and several others. A new addition to this list is Omir’s Kuch Bheege Alfaaz, which is a decent take on love in the times of social media.

The movie brings forth the talent of Zain Khan Durrani and Geetanjali Thapa in the lead roles. Simple yet evocative, the story is about a young girl, Archana (played by Geetanjali), who is a victim of leucoderma yet believes in living her life to the fullest. She works in a company called Sir-casm that sells memes and makes money by making people laugh. Opposite to her is Alfaaz (played by Zain) who is a Radio Jockey and runs a night show called ‘Kuch Bheege Alfaz’. Alfaaz’s mesmerizing voice is the reason why people like the show and love the host. In an unforeseen happenstance, Alfaaz and Archana connect on a call and then begins a journey of self-exploration, guilt, redemption and love.

The USP of such movies is that the protagonists fall in love with the idea of the person and not the person himself/herself. Thus, in this movie too, Archana falls in love with Alfaaz’s words and his approach towards life unaware of the fact that the person who sounds so vulnerable on the phone, is none other than the one who strives to make others strong through his words on the radio show. As ironical as it may sound, the broken soul of both the protagonists undergoes a journey of transformation in this movie. While Archana craves for creative freedom, Zain looks for an outlet that can help him come to grips with his traumatic past. In the attempt to heal each other, they both discover that they are connected by an invisible thread of hope that, if lost, would obliterate their hearts.

The first half of the movie is quite slow yet the idea of appreciating the meme-makers is fresh and enjoyable. The narrative is drab at some points and could have been more precise. However, I liked how the scriptwriter focused on the pathos associated with pursuing a hobby as a profession. It is such a bleak reality. Even when you are lucky enough to identify your passion and pursue it, you need to devote substantial time for it or else it might blow up in the face. The movie exposes us to the annoying deadlines and boundaries that come with any job and how these restrictions bound your thinking capacity. Another beautiful thing about this movie is the selection of the RJ Alfaaz, whose voice is so magnetizing that it can make you swoon for him at any instant. His flawless rendition of Urdu verses is enchanting. Kudos to Zain for delivering a top-notch performance here!

There is an element of realism and connectivity in this movie. When Archana (called Archie in the whole film) describes Alfaaz like how she imagines him to be, it just takes your breath away. Her words are filled with genuine sincerity. She thinks that he is like a turtle who is composed and calm on the outside yet his heart is filled with unattended emotions that are ready to explode. Somehow, I found that Archana’s lively nature didn’t do justice with her character. On the other hand, the side characters fit perfectly well. Apu, Archana’s friend; her mother and Priyanka, Alfaaz’s boss did a great job!

The film is set in the streets of Kolkata and the cultural vibes give it an authentic flavour. It is one of those movies that can transport you to the old times when things weren’t that explicit and it took a lot of courage to express what one felt. It will also remind you of the times in which you live where people connect just with a click. This confluence is sure to be savoured for a long time!

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