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Goodbye, 2018- Bidding Farewell to a Brilliant Year!

Wrapping up the joys of the spring, the love of the autumn, the teachings of the summer and the kindness of the winter, it is time to bring closure to the old and make room for a brand new year with infinite possibilities. Last year was fabulous in terms of health, travel, writing and relationships. Though I will not deny the fact that there were a set of woes and weal, yet I can confidently say that when I will look back upon the memories of 2018, my eyes, my lips and my spirit will all smile at once.

2018 came fast and in the blink of an eye it was time for it to leave. Leaving behind no bitter memories, it is the timely lessons that this year taught me matter the most. I hope these lessons serve as a reminder to me when I will be on the verge of getting carried away by the chaos of life! This year, indeed, was a year of discovery, healing and redemption. I found courage to say NO, I chose ignorance over malice and I also chose to please myself rather than making a never-ending effort to gratify others.

In saying No, I found my own voice- a voice that was in the wilderness before. In ignorance, I found bliss- I rid my heart of the maleficent thoughts and also gained clarity of mind. In an attempt to make myself happy, I discovered my strengths and also my weaknesses, I learnt to be happy and started looking for silver linings in the littlest things.

In the midst of achievements and failures, I found myself in tune with my feelings and also found my mind resonating with nature. I took the plunge of travelling to the remotest place (s) and discovered how beautiful the world truly is. I also learnt what a miniscule place I occupy in front of the green giants of nature! Grabbing the opportunity to go on a blind date with a stranger, I learnt how much love and care we get from the nature. I learnt to become responsible and pledged to return the favour.

2018 was a mixed bag-a bag loaded with learning, experiences, achievements, failures, wanderlust, and thought-provoking encounters. Here are a few things I learned in 2018:
 Everybody is a part of the rat race and they will leave no stone unturned to topple you over and take your spot
 Dogs are man’s best friends
 Nature is the best healer. Travelling liberates you and helps you reset your mind
 Ignoring things and staying away from malice makes you stronger (emotionally)
 Protecting nature begins at home. Even the smallest action of not wasting water is sure to make a change
 Gossiping is a ‘devil’s radio’. Avoid it
 People exhaust me- thereby proving that I am an introvert. Given a chance to discuss something healthy, I will definitely take an immense interest. But random discussions and intrusion into the private space drive me up the wall.
 Vibes are like perfume. Just like how we judge people based on the scent, vibes is a better source of judgement. I am intuitive and I get the vibes from people. And I make it a point to stay away from toxic people.
 I have started believing in the proverb- fortune favours the bold. I encountered many situations where I was deprived of the chance to take credit for things that I had done. Only if I had spoken then, I would not have regretted my silence so much.

Nevertheless, the time spent with my loved ones enriched my mind and spirit. It helped me sail through the storm. Instead of waiting for the distant buoy in the ocean to come to me, I am now determined to swim towards it and thrive.

Thank you, everyone, who directly or indirectly became a part of my life last year. Be it your words of encouragement, your criticism, your love or your anger- every emotion, every role and every aspect of your personality has moulded me into a stronger person than before. Last but not the least; I would like to thank all the readers of Lavender Orchids who have been the buoyant force for me throughout and helped me become a better person, a better writer and a more confident person.

Dear 2018,
I think I am ready to let you go.

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