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Book Review: Naked Beneath the Midnight Sun by Kamalini Natesan

Naked Beneath the Midnight Sun
Author: Kamalini Natesan
Publisher: Olympia Publishers
Rating: 3/ 5

Knowing that experience is the best teacher it would not be wrong to say that a lot of risks come along with new experiences. While one might expect to continue looking at life with rose-tinted glasses, the reality is quite different. ‘Naked Beneath the Midnight Sun’ is more like a self-help book than fiction. It explores the journey of a young girl named Suchareeta, who embarks on an unplanned adventure. Believing that freedom is her chance to become better, she decides to take the plunge and head Norway for further education. Little does she know that freedom is actually the power to choose our own chains!

When Suchu’s pot of patience is full, she decides to call it quits and run far away to a place where there is only beauty and peace. When in Norway, she initially feels that she is the fish out of the water but it doesn’t take long for her to realize that that’s what is going to change her life forever.

Distance brings her closer to the people and things she once wanted to run away from. The author juxtaposes various ideas together and weaves a plot that takes the readers on a roller coaster ride. Suchu reflects the modern-day spirited children who find it difficult to share their fears with their parents. Reiterating the old-school yet the most effective methodology of using a pen (because it is mightier than the sword) to convey what resides in the heart is the selling point of the book.

Life offers us an embarrassment of riches and to be able to cherry-pick the opportunities and then turn them into our destiny is not always a success. Suchareeta is just like the girl-next-door who does not want to settle for the world as it is; she wants to work for the world as she wants it to be. Caught in the whirlpool of fluctuating emotions and quibbling parents, she decides to call it quits. She finds her solace in escapism (literally) and jumps the gun only to realize later that running away is not the right option always.

With a soul that is not only energetic but also high spirited, Suchu evokes empathy from the readers. Her struggles to adjust to the new surroundings seem real and her will to combat all odds and emerge victorious further instils the love for her. Allowing the circumstances to take the reigns of her life, Suchu accepts change with an open mind. Knowing fairly well that living away from home won’t be easy, she still decides to walk on the unknown path. In turn, she discovers herself and emerges stronger. In a world where there are obstacles at every nook or corner, Suchu’s character assures us to be patient and test the waters before giving up. An epitome of courage and positivity, Suchu’s journey is an allegory of the emotional journey one takes in order to understand life better.

The narrative is drab at places and the superfluous description doesn’t help in making the book any more interesting. However, delightfully enticing imagery works well. The description of the natural beauty of Norway was, in itself, beautiful! Amidst plenty of grammatical errors, the book does manage to establish a connection with the readers.

Best wishes to the author!

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  • Kamalini Natesan

    thanks for this apt review. I enjoyed reading it and I also felt that you make some very valid observations..Glad you read it & seem to have liked it despite some glaring shortcomings. Much appreciated.

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