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Book Review: 54 Reasons Why Parents Suck by Swati Lodha & Swaraa Lodha

54 Reasons Why Parents Suck
Authors: Swati Lodha and Swaraa Lodha
Publisher: Rupa Publishers
Rating: 4/5

Being in a teaching profession, I know the struggle of becoming a child once inside the premises, for that is the only way to handle the tantrums of children. Unless we put ourselves in their shoes, we cannot understand what they go through. After all, the most overwhelming key to the success of children is the positive involvement of the parents, isn’t it?

’54 Reasons Why Parents Suck’ is a true account of events by a mother-daughter duo who successfully cater to the hilarity buds of the readers. The well-placed narrative offers moments of genuine laughter. The best part of the book is that it is very much relatable. Kudos to the prowess of the authors to pin down each problem, listing nuances that are not only true but also a common occurrence in every household. Ranging from mudslinging remarks to fuss over anything and everything, this book narrates incidents that show how the parents can, at times, become overbearing.

Written from the child’s perspective, each chapter comes with a pragmatic suggestion that is not too obvious yet subtle. Topics like Influence of Social Media, Reputation of parents at stake before others, need of the children to break free from the mundane chores, a mother’s struggle to explain the importance of being safe- are all covered. It is fun to read Swaraa’s experiences and her verdicts.

Overall, this is one of the best books on parenting owing to the different perspective used.

Best wishes to the authors!

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