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Book Review: A Halfway Celebrity Actor Without a Home Naren Weiss

A Halfway Celebrity Actor Without a Home
Poet: Naren Weiss
Publisher: Half Baked Beans
Rating: 3/5

Collating his experiences and stories, Naren Weiss puts together a poignant collection of poems in A Halfway Celebrity Actor Without a Home. Weaving words with the help of literary devices, he brings forth the pain and the apprehension that life often brings along. Touching upon the decisions that often take an unprecedented turn, the poet mentions how a single event can transform the way one thinks and understands things. Most of the poems are free verses and they do not fail to leave a mark.

Short yet impactful, the poems have an allegorical approach to situations that often befriend us in life. ‘The trains to nowhere tend to have many passengers just as the traffic jams on the road to anywhere else have many angry folks’-these lines from Rail & Road sum up how humans are! Brooding over unnecessary things and often ending up with unfamiliar choices come naturally to all of us. What follows is realization and remorse! But that’s not all that life has to offer. There are moments of pure bliss as well- moments filled with love and affection often compensate for the longing for a more peaceful life. Naren Weiss’ poetry is crude yet so piercing that it can force the readers to introspect and rethink the smaller events that went unnoticed.

Overall, A Halfway Celebrity Actor Without a Home comes with a personal touch and flavour. It is a pleasant one-time read but doesn’t pass the muster.

Best wishes to the poet!

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