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Book Review: A Himalayan Voyage by Uday Sadhwani

A Himalayan Voyage
Author: Uday Sadhwani
Publisher: Self-published
Rating: 3/5

Books on travel experiences hold a special place in my heart, for I always look forward to the experiences of others. One such book that narrates the experience of venturing into the wild is A Himalayan Voyage. Honest and sanguine, the narrative sets the adrenaline course like a fever. One cannot help but be a part of the beautiful outdoors even if it is virtual. A Himalayan Voyage is a straight-from-the-heart account of how the author traversed the road between Manali to Kaza and from there to other villages in the Spiti Valley.

Known for egregious terrain, the road to Spiti Valley is not everyone’s cup of tea. Only the most enthusiastic ones or the ones that have been bitten by the travel bug dare to pursue this arduous journey. Hence, through this book, the author’s love for travel and his keen interest in being with nature are quite evident. The author describes his encounter with people from different walks of life and how even during the tough times, such encounters leave an indelible impact on the mind. He also mentions about Ali, his friend from the trip who mysteriously disappeared never to be found again. That came as a shock but the description that the author gave failed to evoke any empathy. Ali’s character needed more depth.

The author’s style of writing is similar to how we scribble in our personal journal, careless about the language and using grammatically incorrect sentences. Therefore, the book comprises a lot of errors. It definitely needs to be proofread. Knowing that the content of the book is equivalent to a travelogue and will be enjoyed by all the travel junkees, I think the author should revamp his work and get it proofread once.

Overall, this short read is going to make you yearn for adventure and that is what serves the purpose of this book.

Best wishes to the author!

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