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Book Review: Skill Builder Phonics by Sonia Mehta

Skill Builder Science
Author: Sonia Mehta
Genre: Children’s book (Academic)
Publishers: Puffin Books

Phonics is the study for teaching the method of reading and writing of an alphabet language (Wikipedia). This study is essential because it helps the children in learning new and unfamiliar words by recognizing similar sounds and categorizing them based on the sounds. This way, they remember the words for a longer duration of time compared to the learning that happens through sight.

This series of Skill Builder by Sonia Mehta targets four levels. Right from level 1 to level 4, the books comprise several activities that will help the children learn new words with ease.
The books step-up the learning process as each book increases the difficulty level according to the age-group of the child.

Book 1 has all the interactive activities that require the children to match the correct rhyming words or colour the picture that corresponds to the word given. Same way, other levels stress upon word building and word formation. Other than this, these books also aim to enhance cognitive skills.
Based on the curiosity and capability of the child, parents can opt for the right level and encourage their children to learn by indulging in fun activities.

Overall, this series is good. It will definitely come handy to the parents whose babies are in 2-3 grade or even younger. They will be able to empower their kids and help them grasp vocabulary easily.
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