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Book Review: A Saint, A Folktale and Other Stories by Rana Safvi

A Saint, a Folktale and Other Stories
Author: Rana Safvi
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Rating: 5/5

Well-researched and curated by an expert in the field, A Saint, a Folktale and Other Stories is a collection of short narratives that describe some of the uncommon monuments in India that have a story to tell. Right from Sheikh Chehli’s Tomb and Nagina Mosque to The Roman Catholic Cemetery in Agra, this book throws light on India’s pluralistic culture and its unity in diversity!

The author takes the readers through each and every corner of the monument by describing the architecture and retelling the story behind each corner. Laced with beautiful pictures, the book explores the lesser known and hidden gems that, in the terms of the blurb, are ‘begging to be explored’. I was surprised when I got to know about the irony behind Sheikh Chilli’s story and the history of the tomb. It is interesting to read about Hanging House, Bala-Qila and several other smaller monuments that form an intrinsic part of the heritage.

The writing is so crisp and engaging that every word that describes the art, turns, arches or passages makes the monument come alive before the readers. I loved the fine selection of monuments. The cover needs a special mention; it is beautiful!

Best wishes to the author!

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