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#Review: Akbar-Birbal and the Haunted Gurukul by Apeksha Rao

Akbar and Birbal and the Haunted Gurukul
Author: Apeksha Rao
Publisher: Penguinsters

This tale about the camaraderie between young Akbar and Birbal is a spicy twist to our nostalgia-filled stories about Birbal’s wit and Akbar’s dependency upon his friend to solve some real-life problems. Laced with beautiful illustrations that are sure to be the attention-grabbers, this story is about how the idea of keeping the young prince safe led the people around him to consider sending him to a Gurukul. A haunted Gurukul. What ensues next is organized chaos and haphazard problem-solving by these young kids.

It is quite interesting to view young Akbar and Birbal in such a light. Hence, the plot feels new yet the connection feels established. Embarking on a quest to solve the mystery of Vishwamitra Ghost, this story sets the groundwork for a friendship that the readers will reminisce about in the years to come.

Definitely recommended!

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