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#Review: The Midnight Panther by Poonam Mistry

The Midnight Panther
Author: Poonam Mistry
Publisher: After School Tales

Children’s books have always lured me into their magical world of carefree illustrations but the level of indulgence The Midnight Panther offers is different. Delicately laced with clear strokes of what seems like mandala but I’m not master to give this art form the correct name, this story about finding yourself and acknowledging your strengths is magnificent.

Not just the illustrations but the story, too, is meaningful in the present times when being different is difficult and considering your flaws as your strengths is not an easy choice. The Midnight Panther explores the mental transformation of a beautiful panther who thinks he’s not as attractive as a tiger nor as fast as a leopard. When the night and the moon come together to tell the panther how special he is, he starts viewing the world around him with an optimistic outlook.

If you ask me what’s so special about this book, I would, without a second thought, say that the illustrations are what will catch your eye! They are just so beautiful!

Kudos to the author who is also the illustrator!

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