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#Review: The Greatest Goan Stories Ever Told by Manohar Shetty

The Greatest Goan Stories Ever Told
Editor: Manohar Shetty
Publisher: Aleph Book Company
Rating: 5/5

From the ‘The Greatest Stories Series’, this particular book had all my heart. The sublime genuity in the narrative that has been translated from Marathi, Portuguese and Konkani forces one to bridge the wide chasm that exists between present-day Goa and its colonial history. These stories reek of humanism and the characters soar beyond the unseen divides like caste, gender, inequality and wealth. 

Touching upon the plight of the miners and exploring the pathos in the earlier lifestyle of the rural areas, stories by Epitacio Pais and Pundaalik Naik are the ones to remember for a long time. I really liked Curry Munchers that subtly shares the brutal reality of violence against students on trains. Even Coconut Dreams was a fantastic read owing to its precision and the calibre to sustain and maintain the whimsical plot throughout. 

Overall, these stories are heart-touching in the way they have been narrated, in the way the characters have been arched out and in the way this entire collection blends several (common and familiar) themes. 

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