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Book Review: All’s Fair in Love, War and Basketball by Tanya Marwaha

All’s Fair in Love, War and Basketball
Author: Tanya Marwaha
Publisher: Leadstart Publishers
Rating: 3.5/5

Fate is that inevitable event that happens to you in spite of all your plans. It is usual for people to succumb to their fate and give up. But there are certain stories that speak of the real mettle that is needed to take a stand and fight all odds and snatch success from the jaws of failure.

‘All’s Fair in Love, War and Basketball’ is an inspirational tale of Becky Cromartie, who strives hard to fit into the School Basketball team. Afraid to pierce the protective bubble around her, Becky tries to become invisible (metaphorically) but destiny has another plan for her. Life changes drastically when she is proclaimed as the captain of the School Basketball team. Just like the Disney movies, Becky, too, steals the show with her charm and efforts.

Taut narrative and interesting plot make this story worth reading. Also, since basketball is my favourite game too, this story is quite relatable. Some editing errors might irk the readers though.

Overall, this book has an interesting and enticing scenario that will bind the readers throughout.

Best wishes to the author!

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