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Book Review: Ambedkar’s India by B. R. Ambedkar

Ambedkar’s India
Author: B. R. Ambedkar
Publisher: Srishti Publishers
Rating: 3/5

B. R. Ambedkar’s multifaceted contribution to our nation has not been given due credit. He was a visionary who voiced out the concerns that hovered over our growth even before others could realize them. In this book, three of his speeches have been compiled together to bring forth his endeavour to unite the country and make the people understand the importance of peace and harmony.

The book begins with his speech titled ‘The Grammar of Anarchy’. In that speech, Ambedkar Sahab discussed the conflict of interests and the rising state of disorder that was a result of the formation of the Indian constitution. He believed that the document was only an instrument that was in the hands of the people. With his blunt admission about the Communists and Socialists, he questions the reasons for condemnation of the constitution. The speech is interesting to read, for it helps the readers know exactly about the events and obstacles that the government of our country had to face. The second and the third speeches, Annihilation of Castes and Castes in India, respectively, are two of the most spectacular speeches that highlight how discrimination based on castes hampers the economic and cultural growth of our country. The speeches that were written then echo with the present circumstances and act as an eye-opener.

Ambedkar’s India aims at reiterating the importance of the constitution and also aims at making the people realize the trivial issues that hinder the growth as a community. This book is a quick read. For all those who do not remember the idea and conception of the Indian Constitution, it will be a good experience reading about it in brief in this book.

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