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Book Review: Thoughts Alight Poetry by Kawtar Elmrabti

Thoughts Alight Poetry: A doorway to a Secret Garden
Poet: Kawtar Elmrabti
Publisher: EC Publishing
Rating: 3.5/5

Poetry is a genre that cannot be judged based on what the readers feel; it is a genre that has to be appreciated if the thoughts of the poet resonate with those of the readers. Through this book, the poet deftly composes verses that are sure to touch the right chord. Divided into four different categories- love, hope, self and meditative thoughts- this collection of short as well as long poetry is a cornucopia of reflections the poet must have gathered while appreciating nature and the human body.

The first section deals with the power of love. Even though the words have a personal touch, it is pleasurable to read. Each poem enunciates the thoughts so well. The poet believes that love is louder than the words- ‘For you belong to me like lovers belong in pairs…’. The readers will realize how powerful love is. The poet uses nature as a muse to draw an analogy and use metonymies to compare love with the selfless forms of nature. The second section is smaller. It illustrates the importance of hope and makes us believe that even though things perish, there will always be new sparks. The third section advocates love for self. According to the poet, the elements of nature form the scaffold on which the essence of our soul exists. The last section focuses on meditative thoughts. These verses praise the beauty of nature and evoke love for our surroundings.

Thought Alight Poetry is a soothing collection of light poems. It was a little confusing to identify a new poem as most of them did not have titles and seemed to have been placed randomly. There were punctuation errors as well (No, I am not disregarding the creative license) like the misuse of an apostrophe (in case of possession) and several others.

Overall, the poems are quite evocative and bring out the feelings in the right proportions.

Best wishes to the author!

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