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Book Review: Crossway Bloom by Arti Rai

Crossway Bloom
Poet: Arti Rai
Publisher: Rainbowdash Publishers LLC
Rating: 3/5

A crossway is a path that connects to the main road. During the journey of life, we embrace varied emotions like love, happiness, sadness, anxiety and more. Different situations bring us face-to-face with different emotions and that moulds us into a different person. From what I interpreted, Crossway Bloom is a collection of poems that derive their inspiration from various circumstances of life. They linger long after they have been read. These poems are of nature, of villages, of women and of moods. Varied and evocative, the poems are genuine and focus on appreciating the little joys around us.

‘April Rain, Summer Night, The Shores of Sambhar, A Quick Whisper’ are some of my favourite poems from the first section. All these poems describe the raw beauty of nature and express the poetess’ love for different species. The second section comprises of three poems that describe the beauty and the simplicity of the life lead in villages. The next section encourages women to ‘be the banyan tree and be bold and undiluted’. There are some poems that highlight the struggle of women and the poetess makes an attempt to uplift the spirits of the women. The last section comprises of miscellaneous poems that talk about woes and weal, love, loss, longing, nostalgia and unplanned journey of life.

Crossway Bloom is a soothing collection is easy to comprehend. The poet misses out on the use of symbolism or metaphorical references and that is what I missed in this book. The images add to the emotion of the poems. Overall, this is a light read and should be given a try on a rainy evening.

Best wishes to the poet!

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