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#Review: Arribada by Samantha Kochharr

Author: Samantha Kochharr
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Rating: 3.5/5

Arribada, or the arrival by the sea, is a poignant story about acceptance, survival and surrender. Using a metaphorical title to indicate the arrival of Ollie, the turtle, as well as the arrival of inner peace, the author weaves the complicated, often weak and dilapidated, threads of life together in the fabric of this journey that promises heartbreak, hope and love for self in the end.

Joy, an eccentric and lonely man, desires creature comforts but not at the cost of his happiness. After successfully landing a handsome job and marrying the love of his life, he settles in London. But as he witnesses his dream unfold, he’s unable to come to grips with reality and monkey-wrenches any opportunity that comes his way. Leaving his wife behind, he goes back to India to take care of his ailing mother, only not to return to his love. Thus, he is left alone after his mother’s demise. Enter Ollie, his mate from a different world, who helps Joy realize the meaning of his name. Ollie, in spite of not being able to understand his human friend, proves to be a loyal friend and a patient listener. Together, they swim through the high tides.

Written passionately, this story throws light upon relationships, their fragility, their demands and their repercussions. It also highlights the importance of silence and understanding. The bond between Joy and Ollie is like one might have with their pet. But Ollie is much more than just a turtle. He’s Joy’s safe haven too. Even though I found the writing style quite elementary (in terms of creative flair and expression), the story kept me hooked from cover to cover. So, that’s a win!

It’s not easy to write outside your comfort zone and with Ollie’s character, the author has done justice to what value it holds in the story. A comprehensible narrative without verbose descriptions of minor things helps the readers keep a tight hold on the story. Even though the events are cohesive and do not compel you to do a double take, there’s a genuine sincerity in what Joy does or wants to accomplish. Hence, the palpability significantly increases.

Overall, Arribada has been an interesting story to read and should be given a try. I could not finish it in 2-3 days because this plot needed time and patience to devour it.

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