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#Review: Rodasauri, the Dinosauri’s Trip to London by Lainey Dee

Rodasauri, the Dinosauri’s Trip to London
Author: Lainey Dee

One of my guilty pleasures is my overindulgence in Christmas Rom-coms because they tend to transport me into a whimsical world of endless joyous moments and a happily ever after. But Christmas is such a time when family comes together, there’s merriment all around and the icy air of night seems to sing soulful songs. Even the sky seems to be smiling with a crystalline delight. Well, Christmas books are no different. They offer the same escapade via words. If you haven’t tried Christmas stories, trust me when I say that they are addictive. One such Children’s book that I recently read was Rodasauri, the Dinosauri’s Trip to London.

Rodasauri, the Dinosauri’s Trip to London follows a fictional character Rodasauri, an adorable dino, who paints the town red when given the opportunity to visit London. Even though his first impression isn’t a friendly one, he manages to woo the kids, and adults alike, with his generous and playful gestures. What lies in this heartwarming story is the nostalgia for Christmas celebrations, the longing for your family to be there at that moment with you and a lot of compassion that generally fills everyone’s heart during this festival.

Written passionately and consisting of beautiful illustrations, this story about how even dinosaurs enjoy the tradition of Christmas is enchanting. There are some minor grammatical mistakes in the sentence formation. Yet, overall, this proved to be a relaxing weekend read. Children will enjoy this story.

Best wishes to the author!

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