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#Review: The Book of Indian Queens

The Book of Indian Queens (stories & essays)
Publisher: Aleph Book Company
Rating: 4/5

The Book of Indian Queens brings forth stories and narratives about several Indian queens who played a significant role in socio-political development, freedom struggle and other critical issues that paved India’s road to success and independence. These stories have been written by some acclaimed writers who strive to bring forward the strength and will possessed by these beautiful women of the past who used their wit and power to bring about a change. Fighting patriarchal and misogynist society, these women are underdogs of the history who reigned in India as early as the second century BCE.

Whether it is Manu S. Pillai’s earnest attempt to unravel the royal past of Travancore or Ira’s effort to showcase how Raziya Sultan’s circumstances shaped her being, each narrative is a looking glass that highlights the social and political transformations that were brought about by these women who ruled India for hundreds of years. Since the pieces have been preserved as they had appeared in the first published resource, the writing styles offer a refreshing miscellany of pathos.

Overall, The Book of Indian Queens offers insight into the quests and tumultuous surroundings of some of the most revered queens of India. It’s a delight to read because these are not just stories but excerpts that leave the readers wanting more information. At the same time, some narratives might leave the readers dissatisfied with the amount of information supplied like in the case of Rani Jindan Kaur.

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