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#Review: Barabanki by Anuj Tiwari

Author: Anuj Tiwari
Publisher: Rupa Publications

Known to be a penance ground for numerous saints and ascetics, Barabanki, as the name suggests, proves to be the same in this book. The twisted turn of events leads to a trail of betrayals, several deaths and umpteen unanswered questions in this serious crime thriller that reeks of political agendas, avaricious motives and breeding conspiracy that might force the readers not to trust anyone they know.

Busting a notorious drug cartel that finds one of its threads in the Indian Engineering College, Inspector Navin and his aide run the show with diligence and possess every ounce of wisdom that’s required to crack the case. Fearless yet afraid of losing the plot, Navin often ends up in a chaotic mess of lies that pushes him further away from the real criminal. But that’s just what his will needs to pursue the case diligently. As Navin and Awasthi embark on this mysterious journey, the needle of suspicion circles on people who seem almost imperceptible.

Read this crisp story that utilizes an elementary style of writing for its authenticity and attention-grabbing plotting. Read this for the clever duo- Navin and Awasthi. Their chemistry is enjoyable.

Best wishes to the author!

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