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#Review: Champak (Independence Day Edition)

Celebrating Stories that Shaped Our Nation

Publisher: Rupa Publications

Who hasn’t devoured Champak editions of Independence and Republic Day? Do you remember the colourful stories about nationalism and patriotism? The puzzles that led to the flag and the ‘colour me’ section that comprised hues of tricolour? Rupa Publications, with their top-notch print quality (like I had mentioned earlier), have brought back the nostalgia by releasing Champak’s Independence Day edition that has 75 stories, puzzles, activities and other types of engaging content.

The paperback comes with highlighted ‘new’ and ‘difficult’ words, matte-finished pages and bigger font that entice the readers of all ages. I had shared in a reel on Instagram how my colleague, who is ofcourse, an adult, loved to read the Champak book set. I guess this one, too, will invite readers of all ages owing to the variety, presentation and information that it holds. Whether it is the Independence edition or the Book Set, Champak is my go-to book. Do try this out. It’s worth all the time, money and labour.

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