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Book Review: College Feelings by Adebayo Julius Oyenyen

College Feelings
Author: Adebayo Julius Oyenyen
Publisher: Self-published
Rating: 3/5

Human life comprises of four stages and each stage has a different experience to offer. While we are playful and carefree during our childhood, we are boggled by the unnecessary and trivial issues during our youth. Youth is also the time when our heart and mind are always at each other’s throat. Whether it is a matter concerning love or career, the heart and the mind fail to see eye to eye with each other. Based on these tumultuous years of life, College Feelings is a quick read that reciprocates the feelings that each one of us would have gone through once in our lifetime.

The story revolves around the two main characters Femi and Kemi, who are undeniably in love. Their friendship in college soon transforms into something more. Sadly, a victim of happenstance, these two lovers part ways owing to stereotypical beliefs of some and to the inexorable circumstances. There is another character who plays a pivotal role in the story- Jessisca. The story pans around the life of these three youngsters. It highlights the difficulties of youth and also stresses on the importance of being level-headed.

Since the book has been self-published, it is quite evident that editing hasn’t been done right. Amidst several grammatical errors, the typing errors also add to the discomfort. Even though the premise and plot are nice, the language hinders the pace. The author could have paid attention to the use of quotation marks, to say the least. Nevertheless, I liked the characterization and the eventual jump from one situation to another. The climax was predictable though.

Overall, College Feelings tells a simple story of love, friendship, loss and choices. It is a story about hope.

Best wishes to the author!

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