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Book Review: The Story Begins at the End by Sujay

The Story Begins at the End
Author: Sujay
Publisher: Storymirror
Rating: 2.5/5

It is said the love is invisible and omnipresent. It is an emotion that finds a way into your life no matter what. Based on the same belief are the stories in the anthology The Story Begins at the End. This book is a collection of 16 short stories that portray different kinds of love. The author makes an earnest attempt to advocate that one can fall in love with anyone anywhere.

Each story depicts a different form of love. The characters are mostly the victim of happenstance and consequently, they are saved by love. What confused me though was the language used by the author. Using a second person narrative and merging it with the third person narrative didn’t quite do what was intended. The story ‘A Friend and a Tiger’ was in a shambles. Similarly, another story that didn’t quite fit right was Rainbowed. Other than these two, the remaining stories are sweet and subtle.

I liked the very first story That Thing Called Love: Eternally Yours. It traces the life of Raman, who belonged to the regiment of Corps of Engineers of the Indian Army. The story evokes sympathy and respect for the soldiers who sacrifice their life in order to save several other lives. The story is emotional and strikes the right chord. What goes wrong is the narrative and clarity. The author, yet again, falters with the narrative. The grammatical errors further irked me. The stories missed layered writing too.

Overall, the stories in this collection are quite straightforward. The language enthusiasts might dislike the incorrect grammar (missing punctuation, misplaced quotation marks, incorrect sentence structure).

Best wishes to the author!

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