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Book Review: Indecent Guys by Mahidharnath Sesetti

Indecent Guys
Author: Mahidharnath Sesetti
Publisher: Self-published
Rating: 2/5

Indecent Guys is a simple and straight-forward story of two men who are caged within the shackles of lust and sloth. Their quest to find the woman (or women) who would satiate their sexual desires is the central idea of the plot. Amidst their quirky dialogues and repulsive thinking, the readers will get an insight into their lives that are deprived of any real joy or contentment.

Kameswar and Shoban are two friends who are on the lookout of potential sex partners, friends with benefits, and thus, their opinion of the opposite gender is unquestionably disgusting. Their life turns topsy-turvy when they meet Roshni and Hema Sundari. The story traces the aftermath of indulging in casual flings and hints towards satyriasis, abnormal or excessive sexual craving in men. The two protagonists play their part well but the weakness of the book lies in its awful editing and weak structure. The narrative is tedious; the language is monotonous. The book fails to deliver the comic relief as promised. Most of the punches and one-liners seem forced and unnatural.

Overall, the characters appear as mere caricatures. The urgent need to end the story on a didactic note is quite evident. Another drawback is the weak connection that the characters establish with the readers. Ironically, the language acts as a barrier between entertainment and readers.

Best wishes to the author for his future works!

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