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Book Review: Dalal’s Street by Anurag Tripathi

Dalal’s Street
Author: Anurag Tripathi
Publisher: Niyogi Books
Rating: 3.5/ 5

Very few books touch the raw human nature in their premise. You may ask the reason? Well, if books deviated from their task of transporting readers to a happier place, who would want to read them? But this was the mindset a decade ago. Now, with cutting-edge technology and an ever-changing lifestyle, people are becoming more acceptable. They like being exposed to the naked reality of life. Dalal’s Street is one such attempt that portrays the real intentions behind the facade of relationships.

Dalal’s Street is about the rat race that is devouring the contentment with each passing day. The people are fighting no-win battles and in the process, they are miserably failing to enjoy the smallest pleasures of life. The story centres around a group of young men who step out of their cocoon and enter the world of treachery, betrayal and cruel intentions. Darwin wasn’t wrong in inferring that the fittest survive. The world has been following the same law since then. When it comes to stock markets, the same principle is applicable here as well. Using a metaphorical reference for the relationships, the author does a wonderful job in explaining the battle of wills, the fight for position and the wrath unleashed by money through this story. He treads gingerly so as not to be too blunt. Each character comes across as a determined and hardworking individual, smack dab like the ones from the movies. However, as the layers peel, the true personality and the crab-like mentality gets to the readers lickety-split.

Owing to simple language and inch-perfect dialogues, the narration is smooth. The font, however, kept irking me. The cover is of supreme quality and the plot does have enough twists and turns. There are some editing errors that might obstruct the flow of reading. Nevertheless, the genuine moments in the story and the honest revelations compensate for the proofreading.

Overall, Dalal’s Street needs patience and a little understanding of the stock market to be termed comprehensible. It is a fast-paced story that brings forth the truth of the competitive world and encourages the readers to be risk-takers in real life.

Best wishes to the author!

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