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#Review: Heroes the Colour of Dust by Amit Majumdar

Heroes the Colour of Dust
Author: Amit Majumdar
Publisher: Penguinsters

Set in the early 1930s, Heroes the Colour of Dust is about the unspoken yet audacious little heroes who embarked on a quest to save India from the clutches of the Britishers. These heroes were the little sparrows, the ones of the colour of dust, merely insignificant yet so important. When these sparrows decided to aid Mahatma Gandhi in his fight against overpriced salt, things seemed simpler. At every turn, these sparrows would encourage other sparrows to safeguard the lives of the humans who were exhausted after the day’s trouble.

Showcasing unity and strength in their little hearts, these heroes prove that it doesn’t take a strong body alone to be called brave. One’s willingness to stand for oneself and against wrongdoing is what makes one brave. Using personification as the tool along with a third-person narrative stance, the author has crafted a wonderful story. I applaud the creativity with which historical events have been presented in a new light. How seamlessly all these little creatures fitted into the plot of the past! One thing that did irk me a lot was the missing punctuation in the title.

A wonderful book, indeed!

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