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#Review: Lost in Time by Namita Gokhale

Lost in Time
Author: Namita Gokhale
Publisher: Penguinsters

I opted to read Lost in Time because of its theme and its association between the current era with a scripture that was composed aeons ago. The premise of the story is promising and it is, indeed, interesting to read about Chintamani’s adventures! When he is assigned a school project that requires reading Mahabharat, Chintamani delves deeper into the story and meets Ghatotkacha, the Rakshasa, in his make-belief world. What lies ahead is a rollercoaster ride that takes Chintamani into the wild world of jungles. He learns and unlearns several lessons that promise to help him in the long run.

Written using several expletives, this story should be read by children only after the parents approve of it. The illustrations are beautiful and add so much life to the narrative. What’s interesting is Chintamani’s soliloquy that, probably, can be found relatable by the young readers. His curiosity and inquisitive nature are what help him explore and learn. Eventually, he understands the importance of enjoying over winning.

Lost in Time is an entertaining story about finding courage and finding the right spirit of competition.

Best wishes to the author!

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