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#Review: How to Live Your Life by Ruskin Bond

How to Live Your Life
Author: Ruskin Bond
Publisher: After School Tales

One of the most experienced writers of our times, Sir Ruskin Bond, has immense experience in making the most out of your life even when odds are not in your favour. Hence, when How to Live Your Life came my way, I knew it would have anecdotes that would help me look at the brighter things in life. This book is a treasure to behold, for it has advice, that too handwritten by the author himself. Simple things, yet those things that our fleeting life tends to ignore because we’re so busy choosing what’s difficult and requires too much effort, are the things we should look out for to make our life comfortable and happy. Right from waking up on time to make time for what you like to do to being the hare sometimes because’ if the house is burning down, you wouldn’t send the tortoise to call the fire engine’- each chapter exposes us to a different perspective towards life. The approach is simple- you want it, you fight for it. But this book is not an overkill. It is as true as it can be. ‘Sometimes it is wise to lie on the grass and eat lettuce leaves’ proves this.

Comprising letters for the young and old alike, the author’s heart-to-heart is done through this book. Simple lessons that would make complete sense if you read them patiently form the crux of this letter box. Hence, it is a quick read. Go for it if you like reading Sir Ruskin Bond’s work.

Best wishes to the author!

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