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Book Review: Mohini by Anuja Chandramouli

Author: Anuja Chandramouli
Publisher: Rupa Publishers
Rating: 3.5/5

Anuja Chandramouli’s Mohini is an interesting tale of an enchantress who lured men into believing that love and beauty can be found in flesh and blood. Using a strong narrative that encaptures the readers’ attention, the author introduces us to Mohini who is much more than just a treasure house of beauty and grace. She is strong-willed and whimsical. Evasive yet tangible, Mohini’s journey as the most desirable woman to a mother is commendable. ⁣

Vivid imagery and engaging language are the plus points of this book. I have previously read Anuja Chandramouli’s Ganga and now, I can confidently say that the author’s prowess to feature a character in a book and narrate the story is praiseworthy. Amidst several other stories of Nara- Narayan, Chandra- Tara and Diti- Aditi, Mohini’s existence becomes the central focus of this book. ⁣

‘Good’ would be an understatement, for Mohini is exemplary in terms of the storytelling, the setting and the plot execution. I am not a big fan of Mythology because I find it extremely difficult to come to terms with the stories and the mystical happenings. But then I am always open to the chance of reading something that is addictive. This book passes the muster and that’s why it is definitely recommended. Kudos to the cover designers, Mugdha Sadhwani and Onkar Fondekar, for such a beautiful cover!⁣

Best wishes to the author!

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