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Book Review: In Loving Memory by Daniel Paul Singh

In Loving Memory
Author: Daniel Paul Singh
Publisher: Leadstart Publishers
Rating: 3.5/5

Often love makes one go to such extremes that coming back from that limbo almost seems impossible. Such is the story of ‘In Loving Memory’ that begins with a romantic setting but soon transforms into a psychological thriller. Unanticipated twists, unfathomable characters and intriguing plot line-all form some of the critical elements of this novel.

The story revolves around Rimi and Nivas’s love story and Dhruv and Nisha’s love story. While the former couldn’t come to fruition owing to sudden drift in one of the character’s viewpoint, the latter encountered several roadblocks. Both the love stories eventually lead to a series of brutal murders and the pivot of the plot shifts to Kevin, the ace detective. The turn of events is praiseworthy as they keep you glued to your seat. While the narration is lucid and simple, several punctuation errors might irk the Grammar goblins! They did irk me for sure! Hence, I feel that another round of editing would have helped.

Overall, the book is interesting and one will surely enjoy trying it.

Best wishes to the author!

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