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Book Review: You Don’t Love Me the Way I Love You by Ekta Chandna

You Don’t Love Me the Way I Love You
Ekta Renu Chandna
Blue Rose Publishers
Rating: 3/

Let me get straight to the point! This is a college romance that aims to end on a cliffhanger and deals with the emotional turmoil and the tumultuous state of mind the youngsters have when they fall in love for the first time. You Don’t Love Me the Way I Love You is a story that revolves around Shreya, Aarav and Meera. While Shreya believes in going with the flow and enjoying every moment of her journey with Aarav, Meera is sceptical about her love life.

Emotional yet quirky at times, this story is sure to force you to take a walk down the memory lane and remind you of the first crush, the lovely moments with your special someone, the first heartbreak and the presence of that one friend who is always there! The story is like an old wine presented in a new bottle. The end sounded quite predictable and it didn’t quite end like a cliffhanger; it was more like a plot twist. The writing style is elementary and the lack of flow made some of the chapters sound boring. Another aspect that disappointed me was the font and typesetting of the text!

Overall, this is a light story that can be finished in one sitting.

Best wishes to the author!

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